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Why does the Internet via proxy work much better?

For many Internet users, the purpose of a proxy is still not clear. But with the help of a proxy, many problems that arise on the World Wide Web can be easily solved. Proxy — a computer that acts as some kind of mediator between the user and the site with which the user wants to contact, to get from this site any information and the like.

The capabilities of such servers-mediators are wide enough and allow the average user to qualitatively accelerate the work of its Internet connection. Due to the fact that qualitatively and correctly selected proxy provides the best speed of communication, the connection is improved.

The server-mediator speeds up work of your Internet thanks to several points, namely:

The physical location of the proxy relative to the user. That is, if a proxy server is located closer than your provider, the speed of transmission through such a server will certainly be higher than directly through the provider.

A proxy can use much higher quality equipment that is not available to the user.

In addition to speeding up the Internet, a proxy server can act as one of the lines of protection for the user against malicious and viral attacks from the Web. After all, being essentially an intermediate stage between the user himself and the website, a malicious attack will follow on this very intermediary, and the user will not be affected by this type of attack.

Also, thanks to proxy servers, the user can surf the Internet anonymously. Anonymity when using an intermediary server is achieved by substituting the proxy for the user’s IP address with another one, most often a foreign one; substituting for a foreign address also occurs when the user wants to access a restricted site in the user’s country (for example, Facebook is forbidden in China).

All these qualities are inherent only in a stable and repeatedly tested proxy server, which allows the user not to worry about its quality. Therefore, a free proxy is not suitable for multiple use. And in order for the user to decide which type of proxy suits him, on some sites, for example, on, you can take a paid and repeatedly tested proxy free of charge for a certain period of time to evaluate how suitable this type of proxy suits the user for specific tasks.

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