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Which type of proxy is the best?

If you once learned about proxy servers and decided to try proxy services for your various reasons, but you know nothing about proxy types, or you want to know what type of proxy you should choose, then in this article there is a material that you can use:

Which type of proxy is best for you?

Popular types of proxies:

Proxies are divided into many different types and types. Below are some of the most common proxies:

HTTP proxies. The most common type of proxy. Works with pages that have Transmission Control Protocol (TCP). HTTP works on the principle of transferring data from the web resource to which you enter the proxy, then the proxy server receives this data and sends it to you. Thanks to this HTTP allows:

  • Increase speed by caching uploaded files.
  • Filtering and data processing. (This will eliminate banner ads and prevent malware from infecting your computer).
  • Control the traffic used
  • Limit Internet speed (if necessary)
  • Restrict access to sites (if necessary)
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HTTPS proxy. It is more secure and secure than the HTTP proxy, the activity of which is maintained by Internet providers who translate them into logs and whose data can be recognized by the proxy. HTTPS, in its turn, encrypts with a well-protected algorithm (due to this S “secure” is added to the name). It works on the principle of transferring data to the proxy server, which transmits this information to the client program, and it encrypts and transmits this data to you. With this layout, the proxy does not accept the process in encryption, which prevents it from recognizing your traffic through the same proxies.

Proxy Socks. There are two types of this proxy: Socks 4 (working only with sites that support TCP) and Socks 5 (working with TCP, UPD, and DNS). Socks transmit all the information through themselves, he is not engaged in moderation of HTTP headers, which makes their proxies anonymous. If a website tries to find out your user IP, it can only see the IP of the proxy server.

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